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2020 Missoula GrandSlam

Tournament Rules

Section 1. Player Eligibility.

All team managers ARE VERIFYING THE AGE OF EACH PLAYER ON THEIR TEAM WHEN SIGNING UP are required to carry a packet of Birth Certificates with them at all times (these can be copies of the originals) for players on their lineup cards at any point in the Tournament. If a protest comes up and you cannot produce age proof, you will lose the protest. Any and all protests regarding age eligibility will be resolved by reference to a copy of the player’s birth certificate, which each team manager must make available for inspection in a timely manner upon request of any umpire or tournament official. Any and all games in which that a player participates, where that player is later determined to be ineligible or unverified by presentation of the player’s birth certificate, will result in forfeiture of any game won by the team utilizing the ineligible or unverified player.

Bracket age eligibility for all players will be determined by the age of the player as of April 30, 2020.  Players can be rostered/play on 2 teams as long as each team is in a separate age divisions.   For example, an 11U player can be on both an 11U and 12U roster and play in both divisions.  However, that same player could NOT play on 2 11U teams.  If a player is on 2 teams in separate Divisions, the player’s pitch count is still counted and is controlled by the lower age Division. 


Section 2. General Pre-Game and Game Procedures.

(A)  Home team in pool play shall be decided before the game by a coin flip. There will be no specifically designated dugout for either the home or visiting team. Please be cooperative and respectful in choosing the dugouts to avoid conflicts. Home team during bracket team will be the choice of the higher seeded team (coin flip if both teams are seeded the same).

(B)  The Home Team shall be responsible for keeping the official book.  Total innings pitched will be kept by the scorekeeper during each game.

(C)  No infield will be taken on the field of play. There are also 4 batting cages available to all teams on a first come, first served basis.  Teams can only use 1 cage at a time unless there are open cages and no other teams waiting.

(D)  There is no soft toss or pepper allowed into any fences at the complex.

(E) Each team must begin the game with 9 players, but may finish with less.

(G) Protests: The umpire will settle all problems on the field at the time of dispute. Rule interpretation protests must be declared to the umpire prior to the next pitch being thrown. No protests will be allowed following the game. The Tournament Director and Umpire-in-Chief will make final decision and rule on all protests.  Their decisions are final.  A $100 cash protest fee will be assessed to all protests and is due at the time the protest is made. Winning protests will be refunded.

Section 3.  General Rules of Play.

(A)    11U, 10U, and 9U: No lead-off.  Stealing allowed only when the ball crosses the plate – Dropped 3rd strike in 11U.  No dropped 3rd strike in 10U or 9U.

(B)    14U, 13U and 12U: Lead-off, stealing, and dropped 3rd strike are allowed.

(C)    14U, 13U and 12U metal cleats are allowed, but not on portable mounds.  No metal cleats allowed for 11U, 10U and 9U.  No Metal spikes on portable mounds at any age.  EXPECT ALL 13U and 14U games to pitch from portable mounds. 

(D)    Bats: 14U: USA Bat Stamp any drop, or BBCOR -3; or wood are allowed.

(E)    Bats: 13U and 12U: 2 5/8” barrel or 2 3/4 are allowed; bats must have BPF 1.15 with a USSSA Stamp printed on the bat; or USA Stamp of any drop; or BBCOR -3; or wood are allowed.

(F)    Bats: 11U, 10U, 9U: USA Bat stamp any drop; or wood are allowed.

(G)    Field sizes:

14u:                       60/90

13u:                       54/80

12u:                       50/70

11u:       50/70
9u, 10u:       46/60

(H)    There is no restriction on a player going from pitcher to catcher. 

(I)    Head first slides are only fully allowed in the 14U and 13U and partially in the 12U Division.  14U and 13U can head first slide into and base including home.  12U NO head first slide into home.  No head first slides allowed in the 11U, 10U, or 9U divisions. Penalty is runner is out.  A runner can head first slide back to a base in any division. 

(J) An intentional walk can be announced by the coach, catcher and/or pitcher. No pitches need to be thrown.  

(K) Some teams may play either 2 or 4 pool play games.  If they play 4, their last game will not count towards standings, but will towards pitching.  Teams that only play 2 pool play just will not have a 3rd game and their results, standing and ranking will all be determined by the same seeding rules as everyone else, just with 1 game less.   

(L)  Due to the combination of a weekend tournament during the school year and field availability in a short period of time, Pools are used differently in each Division.  In some ages Divisions, Pools are only for scheduling, not seeding purposes.  In some age Divisions, Pools are used for both Scheduling and Bracket seeding.  As a result, some pools are more difficult than others and in others cross-pool play may result in unique results even when pool play is used for seeding.   

(M) Home Run Balls.  Teams/Players are allowed to keep Home Run Baseballs as long as the team provides the home plate umpire a suitable game Baseball to replace it.  

(N) On deck Batters are allowed and should stay on the side of their dugout, however, they are allowed to move down the Baseline and away from the batter for safety if they choose. 

Section 4. Run Rules.

(1)    15 runs after 3 innings

(2)    10 runs after 3 1/2 or 4 innings

(3)    8 runs after 4 ½ or 5 innings.

Section 5. Pitching.

14U - 13U - 12U – 11U: Each pitcher will be allowed to pitch no more than six (6) innings per day and ten (10) innings for the entire tournament. For the purpose of applying this rule, Friday night games will be considered to count against a player’s Saturday pitch allowances.

10U – 9U:
Each pitcher will be allowed to pitch no more than five (5) innings per day and eight (8) innings for the entire tournament. For the purpose of applying this rule, Friday night games will be considered to count against a player’s Saturday pitch allowances.

A new pitcher will be allowed no more than 8 warm up pitches. A pitcher will be allowed no more than 5 warm up pitches between innings.

The throwing of a single pitch in an inning counts as an inning.  Warm up pitches do not count toward anything.  Only pitches thrown to a live batter count towards an inning.

A pitcher may not re-enter as the pitcher once they have been removed from the game as the pitcher.

Any team that knowingly uses an ineligible pitcher may result in forfeiture of the game.

If a coach calls time and crosses the foul line to confer with a player this is considered a visit to the mound for that inning. A pitcher must be removed from the mound upon the 2nd visit from a coach or manager in an inning.

Section 6. Lineups - Batters and Runners.

(A) Teams may bat their entire lineup with free substitutions, or bat 9 or 10 batters with an extra hitter (EH).  If only batting 9 or 10 batters, starters can re-enter the game one time only in their original batting order. If batting the entire roster and a player is injured, the player can be removed from the lineup without penalty.  If batting the entire roster and a player is ejected, each time that player’s spot in the lineup comes up it will be counted as an out.

(B) The batter should attempt to remain with at least 1 foot in the batter’s box. If this is not followed the umpire may put the ball in play and begin calling strikes after a warning.

(C) If the pitcher or catcher reaches base, or is on base at the time 2 outs is reached, the last preceding batter/runner out may run for him (when batting continuous batting order) or any player on the bench (when batting 9 or 10 batters)

(D) No Slug Bunting allowed in 9, 10, 11 or 12u.

(E)   If a runner attempting to reach a base intentionally and maliciously runs into a defensive player in the area of that base, he will be called out and ejected upon the judgment of the umpire.  The tournament director shall have the right to reinstate the player for the next game depending on the severity of the ejection. Other players return to the base last touched at the time of the collision.


Section 7. Time Limits on Games

(A) ALL Divisions (9u, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U and 14U) games are 6 innings and 1:45 (one hour 45 minutes). 

(B) The game clock will begin when the home-plate umpire declares: “Play Ball.” To speed play along, games may start prior to the designated time by agreement of the managers and umpires. Once the game clock reaches one hour and 45 minutes, no new inning will start no matter the state of the game.  Only exception to no inning starting after 1:45 I s Championship games.

(C) There is NO “Drop Dead”  - just no new inning will start after 1 hour 45 minutes. There are no extra innings in Pool play; Ties are possible in pool play and will be scored as such. Bracket games are subject to the time limit, but may not end in a tie and will play through extra innings if necessary. All games count after 3 full innings.

Section 8. Game Scorecards

At the end of each game, the Manager of each team must sign the score sheet, including the pitch record form for both teams, provided by the designated scorekeeper or game Umpires. Any dispute in the record must be resolved prior to either manager leaving the field. If the pitching record or score is unsigned the record is correct and there will be no disputing it.

Section 9. Bracket Play Rules

(A)  For the purposes of establishing the brackets at the conclusion of Saturday’s pool play, tiebreakers will be calculated by the Tourney Machine application/program and applied in the following order:

(1) Wins vs. Losses

(2) Runs allowed

(3) Run differential (max 10 per game)

(4) Runs scored

(5) If there is still a tie, a coin flip will decide the outcome.  If three or more teams are tied, straws will be drawn with the shorter straws getting the lower places.  The Tournament Director is authorized to draw the straws or pick the coin toss if Tied Team representatives are not readily available.   

(B)  Any and all forfeits will result in the posting of a 0-10 game score against the forfeiting team.  At the discretion of the Tournament Director, a forfeiting team can be removed entirely from the tournament without refund and/or cannot take first in the tournament.  Also, any team “quitting” during a game or making a mockery of the game such as intentionally losing or quitting just to save pitching, all as determined by the Tournament Director, can also be removed entirely from the tournament without refund and/or cannot take first place in the tournament.

(C)  There will be no time limit on any Championship games. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the duration of Championship games will be governed by normal rules of play, including the ten run rule outlined above, except no time limits apply.  Except for Championship games, all other Bracket play games are subject to the time limits.

Section 10. General Rules of Conduct

(A) All managers, coaches, players, parents and spectators are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that reflects good sportsmanship and fair play.

(B) Any player engaging in any of the following conduct may be immediately ejected from the game by an umpire or tournament official:

(1) Intentionally throwing any equipment (baseball, bat, helmet, etc.) at any other player, coach, official, participant or spectator. However, where intent is unclear to the umpire, the player should first be warned of the unacceptable conduct before ejection.

(2) Theft or vandalism of any kind.

(3) Use of profane or language in an abusive or threatening manner.

(4) Fighting, or unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind.

(C) If a player, coach, or manager is ejected, a one game suspension must be served in their next game. Two ejections and they will be banned from the tournament.

(D) Any manager, coach, parent or spectator may be ejected from the premises for use of profane or abusive language, or unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind.

(E) Ejection of any player, manager or coach will result in the offending player, manager or coach to be ineligible to participate in the next tournament game following the ejection.

(F) In extreme circumstances, all as determined in the discretion of the Tournament Director, the offending player, manager, coach or parent may be ruled ineligible for any further tournament play, and be asked to leave the tournament premises and their team will forfeit if they refuse to leave.

Section 11. Weather/Refund Policy

(A) $250 non-refundable fee for any cancellation within 10 days of the first game of the tournament.  No refund if team cancels after that time.

(B) $50 refund for every game not played (due to weather) up to 3 games.

(C) No refund will be given to any team that fails to show up at the designated time for their first game, or chooses to leave the tournament early, or violates the forfeit rules. Any team failing to show for a scheduled game will forfeit all remaining pool play games in the tournament, and will not be eligible for bracket play.

Section 12. Rules May Be Updated.

The Tournament Committee reserve the right to update the rules up until the Tournament starts.  During the Tournament, rules may only be updated if effected teams agree OR if a health and safety issue arises.   

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